Auraline Records is a label featuring the recording projects of Tony Corman and Laura Klein and their various musical groups. To order a CD, click on the name or search CD Baby or Amazon.

Lost and Found (single track)

Lost & Found

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About the Music

Sultry cha-cha by FivePlay pianist Laura Klein, with flutes arranged by Tony Corman! Watch the video, an in-studio performance at Fantasy Records.

Springhill Road (single track)

Springhill Road

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About the Music

FivePlay in a lyrical Brazilian mood, 3/4 marcha rancheira, joined by a quartet of flutes: bass flute, alto flute, C flute and piccolo. In memory of Pete Finkel and of the red fox seen napping in the sun in his back yard on the last day we saw Pete..

Five and More

Five and More CD cover

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About the Music

Ten originals, the quintet augmented by the Mighty Trombone Section, the Albatross Clarinet Quartet, Ted Wolff’s vibes and Frank Phipp’s bass trumpet! Listen to a three-minute preview.

Five of Hearts

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About the Music

Eleven originals, including forays into tango and samba, a wild Balkan ride, a gorgeous gospel waltz, a romantic Ellingtonian ballad, and lots more! Listen to a two-minute preview.

FivePlay Jazz Quintet CD

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About the Music

Off the Ground takes us off with a modal up-tempo tune that starts airily, then gathers momentum through a ski run of jumps, breaks, and turns. Flight of the Gazorple is a plaintive jazz waltz that evokes the stately flight of an enormous mythical bird. “He’e” means octopus in Hawaiian and, in He’e’s Boogie, all eight tentacles are fully deployed; modern boogie-woogie meets the Jazz Messengers. Once Upon A Time tells a story, a ¾-time fairy tale with a nod to Brazil. Indigone (past tense of the verb “indigo”) starts with angular melodies and rhythms, then segues into Latin jazz and builds to an over-the-top finish. In Amor Fati (the philosophical notion that you should not merely accept your fate, but embrace it) a gentle melody unfolds over rich harmonies. Fever Dream is a safari to a mysterious and sensual jungle, where unseen dangers lurk. What are these dangers? “Go to the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, and find out.”  (Kipling.) Our son, Evan, came up with the title Bright Golden Sunshine for this joyful multi-metric romp, and it expresses the mood perfectly. In a Grain of Sand is an unusual, impressionistic piece after the poem of William Blake.  (Laura previously recorded it with vibraphonist Ted Wolff.) We wrap it up with Sidesteppin’ Blues, a soulful after-hours tune with some hip variations on the classic blues form.

“I love it!” — Melanie Berzon, Program Director, KCSM Radio


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Cerulean Blue (2009)

Pianist Laura Klein and vibist Ted Wolff met at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area several years later, and have been playing together ever since. Initially inspired by the Gary Burton/Chick Corea collaborations, they have developed an exciting, lyrical and highly interactive style of their own. Their repertoire ranges from bebop and jazz standards to the contemporary music of Pat Metheny, Wayne Shorter, and Steve Swallow, as well as original compositions.

Crotty Corman and Phipps (2009)

Crotty Corman and Phipps: Crotty Corman and Phipps Jazz Trio
Not a law firm, but rather a swinging jazz trio, with Ron Crotty on bass, Tony Corman on guitar and Frank Phipps on valve trombone.

Triceratops (1997)

Why Triceratops? Because they have three horns, of course! But far from being a dinosaur, this solid sextet has walked the earth since 1986, playing attractive modern jazz with admirable precision and feeling. (LeJazz World Wide Web site)


Three Tenors
No Opera


Three-tenor-sax front line septet deconstructs saxophone classics.

“At this moment I’m listening to your CD, Three Tenors, No Opera. Well it’s very good, even great, I love it. I wish I could play that good. And really cool charts, nice stuff. Reminds me of my good old days. That took a lot of time and effort. Keep up the good work. Jazz is my first love. I love to play anything as long as its good music. Thanks again.”
— Boots Randolph